Russian Blue Cat
Siblu Sergei Diaghilev
Multi Supreme In Show Winner
First Entire Male Cat to gain CCCA National Show Champion title
2000 R/Up Male Kitten of the Year
2001 R/Up Male Cat of the Year
2002 Male Cat of the Year and
Highest Gp 3 pointscoring exhibit
2003 Male Cat of the Year
2004 R/Up Male Cat of the Year
2005 3rd Male Cat of the Year
2006 Male Cat of the Year
Russian temperament

Welcome to Siblu Cattery, home of fine, show winning Russian Blues

I was always a fairly active exhibitor on the Cat Show Scene, attending Cat Shows regularly, not only to compete but also to promote and display my chosen breed to members of the public. Along the way, my Russian Blue Cats have been fortunate enough to receive many “Best In Show” Awards, numerous Supreme Exhibit Awards, and consistently place in the “Top Five” Cat of the Year awards.

I exhibited as a member of the New South Wales Cat Fanciers' Association and always adhered to their Breeder Code of Ethics.

Being a dedicated and reputable breeder, my Russian Blue kittens come with more than just a pedigree. You are fully aware of where your Russian Blue has come from, and the environment in which it has been raised.

I am a small breeder, only raising a couple of litters at any one time. This ensures that all kittens receive maximum attention and plenty of handling from the day they are born.

I am always available to answer any queries or concerns that may arise once you have taken your new kitten home.

My Regal Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a natural breed that has changed little physically since history first recorded the appearance of them in the late 1800's. They have a most wonderful personality that I think is unique to this breed. Their nature is very appealing, as they are gentle and affectionate yet at the same time are not demanding. Russian Blues are a very robust breed of cat, known for their good health and longevity.  


The Russian Blue makes a lovely loyal family pet. Being affectionate and playful, eager to please, easy to train, and highly intelligent, they can also be a little reserved and quiet at times. They communicate silently and are not pushy by nature, and are also a good breed to have with other pets.


Attitude towards strangers can vary somewhat. The breed can tend to shyness, with many disappearing for a while until they are sure of the stranger. Some like an introduction and others will go to anybody!


They also do well on their own, making an excellent pet for people who may not be home a lot. Because they are affectionate without being domineering they are popular with older people, singles and couples alike. I find the breed is well suited to people who enjoy the quiet life, thriving in an environment of routine as opposed to one of hustle and bustle.