Our 3 show stars

Show Results for 2001

During the 2001 Show Year I exhibited Siblu Sergei Salikov, a male kitten, Siblu Sergei Diaghilev a male cat, and my special girl, Siblu Lilia Lopokova. Lilia is the the mother of Diaghilev and Grandmother of Salikov. For the last two months of the show year I also showed another male kitten Siblu Nijinsky, who just happens to be another son of Lilia's!
Between them they collected 57 Best In Show Awards, 34 Best G3 Cat/Kitten Awards, 17 Best in Group Awards, and 4 Supreme Exhibit Awards.
All four have placed in the 2001 Cat of the Year Top 5 placings.
Siblu Sergei Diaghilev started the year as a young adult with no title, and his wins this year have earned him the title of Gold Double Grand Champion, CCCA Grand Champion and ACT Double Grand Champion. Ser has placed 2nd Best Group 3 Male Cat of the Year. Just like his half brother, Siblu Rudolph Nureyev the previous year, Ser was never beaten for the challenge award. Ser had a number of great wins during the year, of note are Supreme Group 3 Exhibit at Sydney Royal and Supreme All Breeds Exhibit at Western Districts Cat Club Show (for the second year running).
Siblu Lilia Lopokova finished the year with the title of Gold Double Grand Champion, CCCA Ruby Triple Grand Champion and ACT Gold Triple Grand Champion, and placed Best Group 3 Female Cat of the Year.
Biggest wins of the Year were at Western Plains Cat Club Show and at Casino Agricultural Show where she won Supreme All Breeds Exhibit on both occasions. No other female cat in Australia has reached the CCCA Title level that Lilli has – this is a most magnificent achievement for a female entire breeding cat.
Siblu Sergei Salikov won 11 Best in Shows and numerous other Top 5 placings as a kitten. At his very last kitten show he was awarded Supreme Group 3 Exhibit. The title Best Group 3 Male Kitten of the Year goes to him in South Africa, where he now lives with Stephanie Eborall of Warwick Russian Blue Cattery.
Siblu Nijinsky was a late starter on the show scene, being shown for only the last two months of his kitten career, the aim being to socialise him so he would become familiar with travelling, strange people and noises – he is off to the UK early next year! I was thrilled with how well he did, taking out a total of 9 Best in Show Awards together with other Top 5 placings. These wins give him 4th Best G3 Male Kitten of the Year.
Siblu Za Rudakov, owned by Tony Hurry & Bev McClelland, flew the russian flag in the Neuter Adult Class, and has won 3rd Best Group 3 Neuter Cat of the Year.
Siblu Tatyana Rusanova, owned by Brad & Di Stokes, was shown as a female kitten for part of the year and was desexed while still a kitten. Tatty placed regularly in Top 5, and she has won 6th Best Group 3 Desexed Kitten of the Year.
Russian blues bred by Siblu Cattery again had fantastic wins this year, and it was fabulous to see two of them take out the BEST Awards - Little Ser for Male Kitten & his grandmother Lilia for Female Cat.
It is now the fourth year in a row that a Siblu Russian Blue has won the title of Group 3 Kitten or Cat of the Year!!
1998 – Siblu Lilia Lopokova – Female Kitten of the Year
1999 – Siblu Lilia Lopokova – Female Cat of the Year
1999 – Siblu Rudolph Nureyev – Male Kitten of the Year
2000 – Siblu Za Rudakov – Male Kitten of the Year
2000 – Siblu Sergei Diaghilev – Reserve Male Kitten of the Year
2000 – Siblu Lilia Lopokova – Reserve Female Cat of the Year
2001 – Siblu Sergei Salikov – Male Kitten of the Year
2001 – Siblu Lilia Lopokova – Female Cat of the Year
2001 – Siblu Sergei Diaghilev – Reserve Male Cat of the Year