Our 3 show stars

Show Results for 2003

The 2003 Show Year was again a most successful year on the show bench for Siblu Cattery.
Siblu Sergei Diaghilev won Group 3 Male Cat of the Year for the second year running. He also repeated his performance of 2002 by winning 4 Supreme All Breeds Exhibit in Show Awards, won at the Siamese & Shorthaired Cat Club Show, Northern Feline Fancy of NSW Show, NSW CFA State Show (Ring 3) and the ACT Longhair Cat Club Show.
The very first show of the Year, Canberra Cat Fanciers, provided Ser with the highest CCCA title level of Diamond Triple Grand Champion - 80 CCCA Award Certificates (best titled Male Cat in Show) at just on 3 years of age. At the completion of this year he has added another 31 of these Awards to his name. Here's hoping CCCA give consideration to the addition of another level or two to these most prestigious of titles!! Ser is the only russian blue in Australia to have achieved this title, with his mother Siblu Lilia Lopokova a close second - winning 71 CCCA Awards during her show career.
I was especially thrilled with Ser's achievements for the year, given the fact that he stayed at home for 4 shows while I showed his son Siblu Nizhny Novgorod to Champion title.


Siblu Zsa Zsa Zabella, a female kitten and a daughter of Siblu Rudolph Nureyev, saw her efforts for the year congratulated with the award of Group 3 Female Kitten of the Year. Zsa Zsa is a third generation Siblu russian blue to win a Kitten of the Year Award.
2003 ended up being a repeat of 2002 – the year's achievements for my two exhibits provided Siblu Cattery once again with two BEST Cat or Kitten of the Year Awards - Female Kitten for Zsa Zsa and Male Cat for Ser.
It is now the sixth year in a row that a Siblu Russian Blue has won the title of NSW Group 3 Kitten of the Year!!
1998 – Siblu Lilia Lopokova
1999 – Siblu Rudolph Nureyev
2000 – Siblu Za Rudakov (owned by Tony & Bev Hurry)
2001 – Siblu Sergei Salikov (owned by Stephanie Eborall, Sth Africa)
2002 – Siblu Nizhny Novgorod
2003 – Siblu Zsa Zsa Zabella


Finally, congratulations to Siblu Silver Svetlana (owned and shown by Anita Nichols) for winning the award of Governing Council of Victoria 2003 Group 3 Kitten of the Year.