Russian Blue Cat


Siblu Russians show results





2007 was a short show year for me,  exhibiting for only 6 months of the year from April to mid October. 


Siblu Silver Jasminka has won Best Group 3 Female Cat for the second year running, with her major achievements this year being Supreme All Breeds Exhibit In Show awards at Federal, Riverina and The Highlands Cat Club Shows.


Winning 20 Best In Show awards along the way made it possible for Minka to achieve the CCCA title level of Diamond Triple Grand Champion, a total of 80 CCCA Awards.  As far as I am aware, no other female cat in Australia has reached this highest of CCCA Title levels.  So much time in the show career of a female cat is spent off the show bench raising babies, and Minka did take time out each year to do this.  She won CCCA Award number 80 at 4 years and 6 weeks of age.  Having achieved the National Show Champion title in 2006, Minka has nothing left to win, so the end of 2007 sees her retired from the show bench.


Siblu Silver Paraskovia


In the Kitten Section Siblu Silver Paraskovia did not let the team down, winning 12 Best In Show Awards, 5 Best in Group Awards, and Supreme All Breeds Exhibit In Show on three occasions - at Blue Point, Western Districts and Illawarra Shows.


These wins provide Paras with Runner Up Group 3 Female Kitten of the Year Award.


My congratulations go to Brad & Sharon Curtis and their beautiful scottish fold lass Banyalla Ears Bling on winning Female Kitten of the Year.