CCCA Ch Gold Db Gd Ch
Siblu Rudolph Nureyev
1999 Male Kitten of the Year
1999 3rd Male Cat of the Year
1999 Highest pointscoring exhibit
2000 R/Up Male Cat of the Year



History of the Russian Blue

The first Russian Blue cats are said to have originated from the Baltic port of Archangel, just outside the Arctic Circle, and were carried as trade goods by merchant sailors on ships trading with England.

The cats were shown extensively in England during the latter part of the nineteenth century, yet despite being a distinctly different and original breed, they were shown together with other blue shorthairs under various collective titles such as “Foreign Blue” and the “Archangel”.

In the first cat shows, all shorthaired blue cats competed in one class, regardless of type. In 1912, the Russian Blue was given its own classes, but during the Second World War, the breed almost became extinct, being saved only by the outcrossing to Siamese. Eventually Breeders made a co-ordinated attempt to return to the pre-war characteristics of the breed, and in 1965 the show standard was changed to state specifically that Siamese type was undesirable in the Russian Blue.

Russian Folklore

An ancient Russian Fairy-tale tells the story of how seven fairies gathered around the cradle of a princess with their gifts. One gave her a fearless spirit, another a loyal heart, a third said she would be slim and beautiful all her life, the fourth that her every movement would be graceful, the fifth said she would always wear silver, silk and velvet, the sixth brought her two huge emeralds and the seventh said she would find friends wherever she went in the world.

However, these fairies were rather young and inexperienced at bestowing gifts and they could not believe this tiny red screaming baby would ever grow into a beautiful princess. So they gently placed their gifts in another crib where there was only quiet purring. And that is how the Russian Blue came to be such a particularly beautiful and gifted cat!


National Show Champion CCCA Diamond Triple Grand Champion Diamond Double Grand Champion Siblu Silver Jasminka 2004 Group 3 Female Kitten of the Year 2004 Supreme Exhibit Sydney Royal Kitten Carnival 2006 Group 3 Female Cat of the Year 2006 Best Group 3 Exhibit Ring 1 Sydney Royal Easter Show and 2007 Group 3 Female Cat of the Year